Erasing a single UCS FI

So, I recently noticed that nowhere on the web (that I could find) is it documented what happens when you run “erase configuration” on a single Fabric Interconnect that is part of a cluster. Does it erase the configuration on just that one FI or does it erase the whole UCS “system” as the command warning says? I know the suspense is killing you….Well, it’s just the single FI an it leaves the other FI and the full configuration intact. This is useful if you need to rebuild the config of a single FI that is part of a cluster.

Fabric Interconnect booting to bash?

So, I thought I’d share an experience I had yesterday where my Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect (FI) wasn’t feeling well and in my attempt to resurrect it, I seemed to break it even more. I’m sure that never happens to you…The FI was now booting to a bash prompt instead of the normal UCS console interface. It would get to the point where it would say “System is coming up….Please wait” and it would say this about 12 times and then display the bash prompt. I won’t bore you with what I actually did in my attempt to get beyond this, but lets just say I spent about 2 hours debugging it when the fix should have only taken about 5 minutes (hindsight is 20/20). It goes without saying that this situation should not happen under normal circumstances, but I’ve heard rumblings of people seeing this here and there after upgrading to 2.2.x. So if Google brought you here looking for a solution, you’re in luck. Continue reading