Resetting UCS to Factory Defaults

So, way back in early 2009, Sean McGee and I decided to work over the weekend in San Jose to get more stick time with “Project California” as UCS was called then. We borrowed a system from someone, backed it up, and started discovering how UCS worked. We had no help locally since it was a weekend and one thing I wanted to know was how to erase the configuration and start over. We were still months away from documentation and the online help inside the pre-1.0 UCSM was very incomplete. We eventually did figure out how to erase the configuration and start over, but we had to stumble upon it. Resetting UCSM is a well-documented process now, but I thought I’d write this post to cut through the pre-requisites and making sure proper backups are done, etc. I just wanted to give you the commands to get the job done. You’re on your own to make sure you really want to do this.

In another blog post I covered how to restore a failed Fabric Interconnect (FI). It gives you some insight into a complete and total rebuild of an FI in a worst-case scenario. While that would accomplish the “factory defaults” you desire, it’s a painful way to get there. Thankfully, the “erase” process is pretty easy. There is no way to do this in the GUI so grab your favorite ssh client and connect to either FI. Once connected, type the following:

FI-A # Connect local-mgmt

FI-A (local-mgmt)# erase config

That’s it! You’ll need to confirm the command before it executes, but that will start the process. You then need to repeat the process on the other FI. There is a way you could erase both of them by connecting to the VIP and not directly to the FI, but I’m going to cover that feature in another post because it’s pretty cool all by itself.


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