UCS Boot-from-SAN Troubleshooting with the Cisco VIC (Part 2)

So, first let me define some terms….the Cisco VIC is also called “Palo” – a codename that sort of stuck (much the chagrin of the marketing team). Palo’s official name is M81KR – now do you see why “Palo” sort of stuck 🙂 ? We have some new VIC cards as well – the VIC-1240 and VIC-1280 and Sean McGee (@mseanmcgee) talks more about the VIC-1280 here. The VIC-1240 is a built-in option on the M3 blades. Now that we settled that, where is Part 1 of this article? Well, my good friend Ryan Hughes (@angryjesters) got the ball rolling on this. He took it upon himself to write an excellent article explaining how to access the obscure-but-useful command called LUNLIST. So if you are looking for Part 1 to this article, I’m not the author of it. I learned some things reading Ryan’s article, which is not all the surprising since I’m rarely with Ryan when I don’t learn something. You should check out his site if you have not seen the article already, but briefly, LUNLIST is a command that shows you what the Cisco VIC HBA can actually “see” on the fabric – much like a typical HBA BIOS would…but way cooler. Continue reading