Schizophrenia and SchizoHPrenia

So, the year was 1996 and it was the first day of the semester in my programming class at Georgia State University (I was one of those who was able to squeeze a 4 year degree into just 10 years of college). I’m sitting there and this kid I have never seen before comes in and sits down beside me with what I thought was an unusual question…”Hey, what makes the most money in the computer field?” At the time, I knew the DB admins were pretty high on the pay scale so I answered with “Oracle guys make a lot”. He thanked me, promptly dropped that class and went to look for an Oracle class. I also remember him asking me how to spell “Oracle” which he still wrote down wrong. I had been in the workplace for a few years by then and I realized that if you’re in a job you hate, it doesn’t matter how much money you make. In fact, the higher your pay at a job you hate, the more imprisoned you feel. It’s a terrible way to live, if you can call it living. Continue reading