UCS Chassis Discovery Policy

So, today’s article will be a short one, but a useful one nonetheless. Here’s the scenario….You have 3 different sets of workloads on your blades that require 3 different levels of bandwidth. Because of this, you put them in different chassis’ to accommodate. Some of these chassis require 20G, some require 40G, and yet some require 80G. Just because they have varying bandwidth requirements should not mean that you cannot move a workload from say the 20G chassis to the 80G chassis if that happens to be where your excess server capacity lies at the moment. UCS is totally flexible with any bandwidth requirement you have (you might call it a ‘FlexNetwork’, but I won’t J). Unlike competing blade solutions available, UCS can deliver this varying bandwidth functionality while maintaining all the servers under a single UI in a single domain of management. If you are a user of HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager, this would be analogues to having all of your blades into a single “Domain Group”, but still have varying bandwidth requirements. But why stop at blades? Why not be able to manage “server” objects generically and allow rack and blade servers to be pooled together? We’ve got ya covered there tooContinue reading