Cisco QuickLinks – Finding Cisco UCS info…FAST!

So, I know that Cisco’s website is not the easiest to navigate. There are times that I get frustrated trying to find some document that I know I read recently and I just can’t locate it again. Thankfully, someone at Cisco on the UCS team decided to do something about it. Dan Debusschere maintains a site that you will want to bookmark – That’s what I love about this team – rarely do you hear a complaint without a simultaneous suggestion for improvement. I can some up the usefulness of the site by saying that at some point, you will find yourself needing one of these things: Continue reading

Providing feedback on Cisco UCS Documentation

So, who reads documentation? All the RTFM remarks aside, I would say that 3 in 10 of us read the product documentation that companies put out. My son got a new airsoft AK47 for Christmas – a direct import from China and I have to say that in that case, 0 in 10 can understand the documentation. Although I am taking caution to not “super extra charge” the battery. Anyway, I hope you’ll agree with me that Cisco pumps out some great stuff in the area of documentation (although only 30% of you can tell me so). And in the past 18 months we have built up quite a library on Cisco UCS. If you’re looking for the landing page for it, you can start here:
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