UCS BIOS Policies

So when I first considered the idea of working for Cisco, I wasn’t really looking for a job. Cisco had not officially announced UCS yet, so I couldn’t get the deep level technical info I wanted about the project. Call it fate, but we announced UCS the same day I left to join the team. I can’t say it was totally blind faith though, because the one thing I did get during our interviews was that they were not “just building blade servers”. They were doing something different and they were approaching problems in ways that other vendors weren’t and they had creative solutions bubbling over. This article is intended to illustrate how that type of thinking is being productized in just one small way. Continue reading

Boot from SAN 101 with Cisco UCS

So my Dad is selling Viagra now – or at least that’s what his latest email claimed. Thinking this was quite a shift from his real estate job, I called him to inquire. It turns out that while dad was sleeping, his yahoo email had been working overtime to provide this medical benefit to everyone in his address book. While I find the emails a minor nuisance, the job of helping him remove the malware from his PC is what I really could do without and it happens time and again. Continue reading