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So, a long time back, I had a job as a network administrator for Ungermann-Bass networks (they were re-branding to the more flashy “UB Networks” at the time). We had a firewall in the office that ran on SUN Sparc and no one really knew anything about it other than that it was the DTTM architecture (Don’t Touch This Machine). It was my first exposure to UNIX and to software-based firewalls (not to mention the PBX system that ran on OS/2, but that’s a story for a different time). One thing I really liked about the firewall was that if we ever needed a port opened for a poorly documented application, we would simply run the desired app and the firewall would instantly tell us which ports were attempted. Sadly, not all firewalls are made equal and many times it’s not easy to find the port information you need. While Cisco has done a great job on our UCS documentation (see my previous post on how to provide feedback to the docs team), I thought it might be helpful for everyone if I included all the UCS port information into a single place for reference.

Exactly what ports your network will need to open depends on what UCS features you want to use (or lose). The chart below summarizes which TCP/UDP ports UCS employs and which protocol is using that port.

Well, there you have it. All the UCS ports that I know of and even some I didn’t! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found this post useful. Please let me know if I missed one that you had to open on your own network and I’ll get it added to the list.



3 thoughts on “Cisco UCS Ports and Protocols

  1. wondering if there were any known ports required for UCS central software beyond what is on this list?
    Probably not, but am asking just in case. Any ports required for UCS to “send back” to UCS central

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