Server Management Software Survey Results

So, my last blog post was on Server Management Software and included a survey as to which software you use and how you like it. Today, I’d like to share the results of that survey. If you didn’t take the original survey or if you’ve forgotten the questions, the focus of the survey was around the following 5 questions:

  1. What Server Management Software do you use?

This question was intended to discover what Server Vendor you had the most of. Obviously you would not use Dell DMC to manage a bunch of HP servers or vice-versa (although it’s technically possible since the x86 server itself is largely commodity today).

  1. What other Mgmt Software do you use?

This question was intended to discover if you had to use some other vendor tool in addition to the server vendor tool. Although this survey is very unofficial, it allows me an opportunity to make sure we are integrating UCS with the right software vendors.

  1. If you use SIM, Director, or DMC, rate your overall happiness with the product.

The “very unhappy” category is one I hope Cisco UCS never falls into. A large percentage of you are in that category today with your current vendor – and I have my own thoughts as to why. We work hard to make sure we avoid the pitfalls that would put us there.

  1. Are you using Cisco UCS today?

Most of you are using UCS today. This was a selfish question by me to just simply poll my readers and see.

  1. What do you mainly use your Server Management Software for?

This question was a way for me to make sure that the features we include down the road meet are hitting the mark.


The graphs below make it pretty easy to see the results. I’m happy to see that over 70% of you are actively using Cisco UCS or considering a purchase. You’re certainly not alone – over 4000 other companies have chosen Cisco UCS as their computing platform of choice as well. The growth of the product is reaching stratosphere levels and has exceeded all of our expectations. Our Q2FY11 was another amazing quarter – read about it here:


As always, thanks for stopping by and I’d love to know your feedback.









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